Monday, April 11, 2005

State Crit

yesterday was the state crit in downtown Scottsdale. the corse was awsome with 10 corners in a .8 mile loop, being my first 3 race and having been off the bike for 10 days I thought I might get my ass kicked and get dropped but I hung in there and managed to sprint at the end. I didn't place very good I think but I'm okay with that. I figure I'll take a little bit to figure out the 3s then start kicking ass again like I did in the fours.
I have to go study for my math test now.



Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

You are MEAN!!!!!!! You chocolate tasting boyfriend....Dude a three hour race this weekend....dude.....oh boi... but I have miri who might go or I can do my research paper while waiting for you to come by...hehe just kidding. Don't forget our date this weekend
~your girlfriend~

12:11 PM  

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