Saturday, March 19, 2005


tomorrow is the tummacacori road race in rio-rico, it is a very hard 6 mile loop the I will do 8 times and hopefuly still have enough left over to sprint at the end and win the 4's race. Or maybe I'll copy what Brian did last year in the 3's and win by a huge solo break away. we shall see. I hope the weather is nice and warm, but not too warm since I'm not used to the warm temps. I also kinda want the weather to be shitty and rainy tomorrow, although I don't want it to be cold, that just sucks. It was cold and wet on the shoot out today and I froze my ass off since when the ride started it wasn't too cold and it sure as heck wasn't raining, pretty much right after we started it started spitting a little bit which was cool, but once I turned on helmet peak rd. it started really raining , and it got cold, so the rest of the ride sucked major butt since I was all wet and cold and couldn't feel my hands or fore arms at all. once I got back to the truck, I almost couldn't turn the key to open the door, thats how cold my hands were... Once I got some coffee from 5 bucks and had the heat blasting, I felt much better. I had the heat on full blast the whole way home, it got really hot in the truck which was really awsome. right now I am doing "homework" with ashley until I go to the herringtons house for the race tomorrow. we (me, my dad, and my little brother) are going over to their house for the night since the race is so freaking far away and takes so long to get to and I race at 615 in the morning!!!! what the hell are people thinking?!?!?!? starting races so early in the middle of march!!! I mean I can see starting races that early in the summer when it is hot out, but it is still freezing cold that early in the morning at this time of the year. whatever...

I'm now bored of writing and entertaining you lazy people so I will proceed to stop shortly, just as soon as I say, other sports are for WIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!
now I will stop

Later Fools


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