Monday, March 21, 2005

Tummacacori part 2

Yesterday was the Tummacacori RR. I won the 4's race!!!!!!!!!!
now I will be able to upgrade to the 3'd now, very awsome. It was a really really hard race, but I had an awsome time. On the 4th lap my chain fell off and somehow got wrappped around my BB and crank arm, which completely screwed me over. until Scott came back and gave me his bike!! I was able to chase back on to the group and was able to make it around until the next hill when I got my bike back. THANK YOU SCOTT.
the winning move went with about 4 miles to go on the second hill, Dan attacked and got a little gap, which I bridged, then we decided to go for it and I was able to drop him on the down hill about 2 miles from the finish and I soloed it to the win.

I have to go get ready for school now... oh yeah, yesterday Ashley helped me dye my hair blue so I now have blue hair and eyebrows...



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