Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tumacacori Update

Well last sunday was the tumacacori RR and I won the 4's race!!! I am really excited since I now have my 3's upgrade, so I will be a 3 from now on...
the race was uneventful until the 4th lap when I went to downshift to my little ring and the chain fell off and got wrapped around my BB shell and crank arm. I would have been out of the race if it wern't for my awsome team mate, Scott who came back for the lead group and GAVE ME HIS BIKE!!! I was able to chase back onto the pack and made it around the lap, until the hill when Scott who was able to get my bike fixed, gave me my bike back, and then I was able to chase back on yet again. the rest of the race was boring as it usually is in the 4's, until the last lap on the second hill, when a flag velo guy attacked and I bridged the small gap that he had. we then decided to go for it and it paid off, I was able to drop him about 2 miles from the finish and I soloed it to the finish for the win. that was the coolest race I have ever won. Ashley was there and got a cool picture of me crossing the finish that I want to frame and put up in my room.
going back to school really sucked after being on spring break for a week, but um I lost my train of thought...

2005 Tumacacori winner.
Cycling God


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