Tuesday, March 29, 2005

the sickness

I am feeling better now, but I'm still under the weather. I went to the doctor and it turns out that I have a ruptured eardrum and I might have strep throat or something else. I'm on antibiotics now and I'm starting to feel better. I still can't ride my bike for another week... AHHHHHHHHH what the hell am i going to do for that long??????????????? OH that reminds me... I was reading BICYCLING magizine the other day, and they were reviewing a very highend, nice, light, RACING MOUNTAIN BIKE, okay, this bike is made for racing and only racing, it's not made to be comfortabe on long easy rides, its made to go fast. well they praise how fast it is and how responsive it is ect... then in the little "what we like"/"what we dislike" section, they put under the dislike part something along the lines of "it would be better if it wasn't so race oriented"... WELL DUHHHHHH ITS A RACE BIKE, OF COURSE ITS GOING TO BE RACE OREANTED!!!!! Is it just me or does that make sense that a race bike would be race oreanted? I think the people at BICYCLING are stupid for that...

but thats just my opinion


Cycling God
(who likes his racing bikes to be race oreanted)


Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

You are serioulsy kidding me right? Ummm, I think the people who wrote it, lost brain cells, since they are kinda dumb to write it.....Maybe they crashed too many times and the brain cells just like poured out or something....Well I am sitting like three feet from you, so I am going to go now. Love you!
~your girlfriend~

5:53 PM  

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