Thursday, March 31, 2005


well every thing is going absolutely awsome except school and not being able to ride and my dog died and I lost my snake and by chair broke and my car got a flat tire and my computer died and my closet burned and all of my clothes are gone and all of my hair fell out and i'm still sick and thats all the bad stuff I can think of right now... well Most of that didn't happen except for school really sucking and not being able to ride. but other than that I made all of the stuff up, OH and I dropped my ice-cream cone, and things are pretty good except not being able, or I should say, allowed to ride my bike. I'm still not supposed to (doctors orders) but screw the doctor, I'm going to ride tomorrow. as far as school goes, I've been doing really bad which isn't good (obviouly ... DUH) but Ashley has been helping me do homework by making me do my homework before we do anything fun... I really don't like homework. I'm all set with my spanish and honors homework for tuesday which is shocking since I'm never caught up with my spanish, especially this early... I'm kinda mad that I've been too sick so I won't be racing this weekend, I wanted to do this race as a 3... whatever... OH before I forget,

who would win??

let me know who you think would win, and maybe I won't squash you like a bug!!!
just kidding, I won't really squash you like a bug... unless you make me angry then I might not have a choice...

Later Fools

Cycling God
(who still likes his racing bikes to be race orieated)


Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

So this is what happens when I leave you for a few hours....You go completely....wacko...and write funny stuff in your Gotta love ya for it though.
Um I think Cycling God would win, just because he is a real person, and well, Godzilla I'm afraid, is I will see you in a little while.
Love you baby!!!
~your girlfriend~

12:14 PM  

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