Thursday, March 31, 2005


well every thing is going absolutely awsome except school and not being able to ride and my dog died and I lost my snake and by chair broke and my car got a flat tire and my computer died and my closet burned and all of my clothes are gone and all of my hair fell out and i'm still sick and thats all the bad stuff I can think of right now... well Most of that didn't happen except for school really sucking and not being able to ride. but other than that I made all of the stuff up, OH and I dropped my ice-cream cone, and things are pretty good except not being able, or I should say, allowed to ride my bike. I'm still not supposed to (doctors orders) but screw the doctor, I'm going to ride tomorrow. as far as school goes, I've been doing really bad which isn't good (obviouly ... DUH) but Ashley has been helping me do homework by making me do my homework before we do anything fun... I really don't like homework. I'm all set with my spanish and honors homework for tuesday which is shocking since I'm never caught up with my spanish, especially this early... I'm kinda mad that I've been too sick so I won't be racing this weekend, I wanted to do this race as a 3... whatever... OH before I forget,

who would win??

let me know who you think would win, and maybe I won't squash you like a bug!!!
just kidding, I won't really squash you like a bug... unless you make me angry then I might not have a choice...

Later Fools

Cycling God
(who still likes his racing bikes to be race orieated)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

the sickness

I am feeling better now, but I'm still under the weather. I went to the doctor and it turns out that I have a ruptured eardrum and I might have strep throat or something else. I'm on antibiotics now and I'm starting to feel better. I still can't ride my bike for another week... AHHHHHHHHH what the hell am i going to do for that long??????????????? OH that reminds me... I was reading BICYCLING magizine the other day, and they were reviewing a very highend, nice, light, RACING MOUNTAIN BIKE, okay, this bike is made for racing and only racing, it's not made to be comfortabe on long easy rides, its made to go fast. well they praise how fast it is and how responsive it is ect... then in the little "what we like"/"what we dislike" section, they put under the dislike part something along the lines of "it would be better if it wasn't so race oriented"... WELL DUHHHHHH ITS A RACE BIKE, OF COURSE ITS GOING TO BE RACE OREANTED!!!!! Is it just me or does that make sense that a race bike would be race oreanted? I think the people at BICYCLING are stupid for that...

but thats just my opinion


Cycling God
(who likes his racing bikes to be race oreanted)

Friday, March 25, 2005

Still f-ing sick

I am still sick. I woke up yesterday and felt more or less okay, not 100% but pretty good, so I went to school, and then by the time school was over I felt normal, a little tired for the amount of sleep I got and my activity level for the past few days. then I hung out at Ashleys house for a while and had dinner and stuff and then went home around 9 or so. felt fine. then I woke up this morning and felt great except my left ear is stuffed up and hurts. but not all that bad, then my neck starts hurting and now I feel like crap agiain and my ear hurts and is ringing. whatever. it makes me so mad, I'm not supposed to get sick...


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the sickness

well for the second time this year I am sick. what the hell is up with that????? I usually don't get sick at all, or maybe 1 time a year. I hate being sick although I'm not going to school which I guess is one upside... although I would rather be well and have to go to school. whatever. I don't know if i mentoned it but I won the Tumacacori RR this past sunday and I now have my 3's upgrade!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go lay around and feel sorry for myself and I suggest you all feel sorry for me as well.

Later Fools!

Cycling God

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tumacacori Update

Well last sunday was the tumacacori RR and I won the 4's race!!! I am really excited since I now have my 3's upgrade, so I will be a 3 from now on...
the race was uneventful until the 4th lap when I went to downshift to my little ring and the chain fell off and got wrapped around my BB shell and crank arm. I would have been out of the race if it wern't for my awsome team mate, Scott who came back for the lead group and GAVE ME HIS BIKE!!! I was able to chase back onto the pack and made it around the lap, until the hill when Scott who was able to get my bike fixed, gave me my bike back, and then I was able to chase back on yet again. the rest of the race was boring as it usually is in the 4's, until the last lap on the second hill, when a flag velo guy attacked and I bridged the small gap that he had. we then decided to go for it and it paid off, I was able to drop him about 2 miles from the finish and I soloed it to the finish for the win. that was the coolest race I have ever won. Ashley was there and got a cool picture of me crossing the finish that I want to frame and put up in my room.
going back to school really sucked after being on spring break for a week, but um I lost my train of thought...

2005 Tumacacori winner.
Cycling God

Monday, March 21, 2005

Tummacacori part 2

Yesterday was the Tummacacori RR. I won the 4's race!!!!!!!!!!
now I will be able to upgrade to the 3'd now, very awsome. It was a really really hard race, but I had an awsome time. On the 4th lap my chain fell off and somehow got wrappped around my BB and crank arm, which completely screwed me over. until Scott came back and gave me his bike!! I was able to chase back on to the group and was able to make it around until the next hill when I got my bike back. THANK YOU SCOTT.
the winning move went with about 4 miles to go on the second hill, Dan attacked and got a little gap, which I bridged, then we decided to go for it and I was able to drop him on the down hill about 2 miles from the finish and I soloed it to the win.

I have to go get ready for school now... oh yeah, yesterday Ashley helped me dye my hair blue so I now have blue hair and eyebrows...


Saturday, March 19, 2005


tomorrow is the tummacacori road race in rio-rico, it is a very hard 6 mile loop the I will do 8 times and hopefuly still have enough left over to sprint at the end and win the 4's race. Or maybe I'll copy what Brian did last year in the 3's and win by a huge solo break away. we shall see. I hope the weather is nice and warm, but not too warm since I'm not used to the warm temps. I also kinda want the weather to be shitty and rainy tomorrow, although I don't want it to be cold, that just sucks. It was cold and wet on the shoot out today and I froze my ass off since when the ride started it wasn't too cold and it sure as heck wasn't raining, pretty much right after we started it started spitting a little bit which was cool, but once I turned on helmet peak rd. it started really raining , and it got cold, so the rest of the ride sucked major butt since I was all wet and cold and couldn't feel my hands or fore arms at all. once I got back to the truck, I almost couldn't turn the key to open the door, thats how cold my hands were... Once I got some coffee from 5 bucks and had the heat blasting, I felt much better. I had the heat on full blast the whole way home, it got really hot in the truck which was really awsome. right now I am doing "homework" with ashley until I go to the herringtons house for the race tomorrow. we (me, my dad, and my little brother) are going over to their house for the night since the race is so freaking far away and takes so long to get to and I race at 615 in the morning!!!! what the hell are people thinking?!?!?!? starting races so early in the middle of march!!! I mean I can see starting races that early in the summer when it is hot out, but it is still freezing cold that early in the morning at this time of the year. whatever...

I'm now bored of writing and entertaining you lazy people so I will proceed to stop shortly, just as soon as I say, other sports are for WIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!
now I will stop

Later Fools

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Spring Break

today there is exactly 5 days left before spring break ends... not that I'm counting or anything. I have been having a good time so far, except my teachers decided to schedule tests and homework that happen to be RIGHT after spring break. I mean literally right after the break, that monday. which means that I am having to do homework on my spring break. HOLY MONKEY PANTS!!!!! okay I'm sitting here,typing away, minding my own business, when my brother comes in. presumably to annoy me or some such thing. then he says "I don't see your snake" to which I respond, "whatever, he's buried in there somewhere" then I go over just to make sure my snake is actually still in his tank. and guess what... HE'S NOT. I immediatly start freaking out and looking franticly for my snake, tearing my room apart, which can be hazardous to your health since I never dust. I eventually found him under my bed, cozy as could be, and I also found a pile of moldy dog barf which was a real nice suprise. I decided that since the tank needed to be cleaned out and everything was torn up already, I would go ahead and clean the tank, so now I am done cleaning my snake's tank and my adreniline levels are approaching normal again. that is WAAAAAAAAY to much excitement for one day. I mean that really sucked, really really really really really sucked. enough of that, lets talk about bikes now since I completely forgot what I was ranting about before I found out I lost my snake. last weekend was the North End Classic in Yuma, It was a crit on saturday and a pancake on sunday, I mean a road race that was pancake flat with a blob of butter on it. really, there was a big blob of butter in the middle of the road about half way around the course. no not really, I was just kidding about the butter part but pancakes would be good right now... ANYWAY the crit was really cool, as in radical, not temperature, it was hot a HELL out there, I think it was 95 F which is a big change from the 70 F its been here in tucson recently. I got 8th in the crit out of ? people, I thought I was going to puke from the 5th lap on, the heat sucked. the road race was pretty uneventful since most of the fools in the 4's don't know how to race very good. I think the logic in a 4's pack is somthing like this... "SEE PERSON, MUST CHASE" even when there is still 65 miles of a flat, windy, 66 mile road race left, they just can't take the chance that that one guy might actually get a 5 second lead for a few miles before he blows up like a nuclear bomb, and then proceds to get in everyones way for the next 2 seconds until he gets dropped. also, WHAT THE HELL ARE PEOPLE THINKING????? attacking not even halfway throught the first of five 12 mile laps? especially when the pack is going like 28 miles/hr and they can maybe TT at 25 miles/hr for any distance. whatever, I only need 4 more points to upgrade to 3's which should be a little bit better.
in other news, I've ridden 8.5 hours in the last 2 days, 8 today and .5 yestrerday... not really, I rode 4 hours yesterday and 4.5 today, that has been cool. I like riding for a really long time and then coming home and eating everything in site for the rest of the day, it kinda freaks people out when I loose weight by eating only 5000 calories a day...
I'm getting board of writing now so I'm going to stop...

Later Y'all


Saturday, March 12, 2005


so it is shortly after 5 am on a saturday morning and yet, i'm sitting here fully out of bed, showered, dressed, and eating breakfast... is it just me or is somthing wrong with this picture???? I mean, why would I, a seemingly normal person, be up at this ungodly hour, typing on my online journal??? well the awnser lies in the fact that I am crazy... no really, it is because there is a bike race in Yuma that for me doesn't start until 2 pm today so I decided to get up at the crack of freaking dark and drive there way before I need to. I could serously leave at like 9 and still get there in PLENTY of time, but the guy I'm going with races at 1015 so that is why I'm up and typing. now about this race... it is the North End Classic, and it consists of a crit (today) and a road race (tomorrow). and did I mention the fact that it is in YUMA!?!?!?!?! well after the race I might be going up to Prescott for the rest of my SPRING BREAK!!! that is if it's not raining there. I will write more later when I am actually awake and can comprehend what I'm writing...

Later Y'all


Monday, March 07, 2005


yesterday was the 7th annual Hungry Dog Crit. Me, Josh, and Ashley left tucson at 5am to drive up to Pheonix. which means I had to get up at 4am and since I didn't get to sleep until 1130 and from 1130 to 4 is only 4.5 hours. that is not nearly enough sleep since I need at least 8 or 9 hours of sleep to function normaly... well we got there and it was raining slightly which sucked, but by the time the JR. race started it had pretty much stoped raining. well the Jr. race was total carnage, I went up to the front after one lap and then just rode tempo until I dropped the 2 other guys that were with me up to that point. by the finish I lapped everybody at least 1, most people 5 or 6 times. that was fun... the fours race didn't go as well as my first race and I was only able to get 7th which makes me kinda mad. I had a little bit of trouble in the last corner which slowed me down slightly, and the pack finish was for 3rd place any ways, there was a 2 man break up the road. over all it was fun though I got to hang out with Ashley for the day and race twice so I'm happy. I also won a Dog Bowl,(hungry dog crit) and thats cool, its the only trophy that I have that is very cool.
Now I'm going to go eat breakfast