Monday, February 21, 2005

VOS report

this past weekend was the valley of the sun stage race up in phoenix. in the TT on friday I did a pretty good time (for me) of 28:33 but that only got me into 38th place which kinda sucked cause'I was hoping to do better. oh well. the weather on friday was raining on and off and it was kind of cold so that also sucked. the RR on saturday was pretty fun, although the weather was really shitty, it was raining and wet the whole time. I was at the front all day trying to drive the pace up and break away, which in the fours is impossible because they chase every one no matter what. I was the last person that they gave the pack time to which was cool since I was like 45 seconds back. also the way the course is set up, the start and finish are half a lap appart so to get back to your car, you have to ride another 8 miles to the start which usually isn't so bad. BUT I got a flat just after I finished and Alex had a flat tire also so we had to get a ride in the back of someones pick-up which sucked since we were both soaking wet and it was cold out. once we got back to the car and changed every thing was better. then we dropped all of our stuff at the hotel, we got lunch and then sat around in the hotel room and watched TV and ate junk food for the next 5 hours, which if you ever get the oppourtunity to do that I highly recomend it since it is awsome. dinner was cool, me and alex met up with one of his girlfriends (as in friend that is a girl, not romantic intrest) and ate a brewery which was okay but not great. then we went back to our nasty hotel room (4 guys in a small room for 3 days is pretty gross) and hung out for a few hours then we went to bed. after dinner and before bed I talked to ashley for a while which made it hard to sleep.
the crit was fun but when we got there for alexs' race it was cold and raining and I only flip flops, no closed toed shoes so my feet were very cold. by the time I raced though it was nice and sunny and warmer. my race was really fast and at times scary since some of the guys can't ride their dam bikes and shouldn't be allowed to race in crits. well I made it the finish and managed to finish 5th which i was happy with considering how fast the rest of the race was. Over all I finished 21st out of 60 somthing, and I moved up almost 20 places from the TT which I was happy about.
after 3 days of racing and 2 nights of not getting enough sleep I was exaustd on sunday night and was out as soon as I turned off the light, but I didn't get enough sleep becaues my dog woke me up at 8 and wanted to go out and I couldn't get back to sleep after that so I am still pretty exuasted.

I have to go get ready for school and eat and stuff now.
I appologize if this didn't make any sense but I am extremely tired and not thinking to clearly now so thats why it is probably incoherant right now.



Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

Lol, Oh so now I am the reason you have insomnia? Hehehee,You are too funny babe. And your entry did make sense..All though the stuff about the race and the track and all that was confusing to me. But I hope to see you tomorrow...and maybe you can teach me all the lingo for bike see you later babe,

12:12 PM  
Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

All I did was select it all and then copy and It wasn't that hard. Tonight was a great night. I had the most fun with you than I have had in a very long time. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow babe. Night, sweet dreams and see you soon love!

8:37 PM  

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