Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Stuff and Things

as the title sugests, this post is about the stuff and things that are going down with me rightnow, I will follow with a really long run on sentence that just goes on and on and on, oh right and it will be totally incoherant. Last weekend (sunday to be exact) was Usery Pass RR and I got 3rd!! in the fours which is cool, next sunday is the Mc Dowell Circuit Race and hopefuly I will win that. at least that would make up for having to drive 2.5 hrs to get there just to race for 30mins, I think I am crazy for doing that, the race starts at 8:40 so we have to get there at 7:40 which means we have to leave at 5 am which means that it will still be dark out which means that I will want to go back to bed which means that I will be really tired afterwards which means that I will have to take a nap when I get home which means that I won't have time to do my homework which means that I will fail Pima which means that I will have to become a professional bike racer which means that I will be paid to ride my bike which will be awsome!! so baisicly, because I am going to this race on sunday, I will become a "Failure" that gets paid to ride his bike, I hope thats what happens... Tomorrow I have spanish, I mean espanol, and i have honors which is to freaking early in the morning. last night I watched Super Troopers and it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every one should watch it every night. when I was at writing class today I couldn't concentrate on what the teacher was saying... I was looking at all the maps on the wall and the computer in the corner and the poster of the creepy dude on the door and my note book and other scenery... if you get my drift. super troopers is awsome. Oh, check out the new team web site it is cool. also read the manchilds blog it is cool also. I was reading this news story on about a lady who tatooed her face to look like a tropical fish, the story is about 2/3 of the way down the page Here I think that is cool and that ashley should do that. lately I have been listening to alice in chains alot and they are cool, so is pink floyd, and weezer. weel that does it for my long, pointless rambling, incoherant post, its bed time for me now, cause I havn't been getting enough of my beauty sleep and lord knows i need it.

Later Y'all


Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

You think I should tattoo my face? Er, I think not...BUT if I did...I would make it look like the Blue Morpho Butterfly...Have to at least make it LOOK COOL...Not some DUMB FISH....Wait, sorry, DUMB TROPICAL Also the run on sentence thing was kinda funny...Although you have way too much time on your hands. I will give Chelle the link to your journal although she could trace it through the lovely comments you leave on my journal..Also when I die and am buried...I want to be buried with perserved butterflies...I was just to shy to say that to Mr. "Wallace" when he talk to you later and good luck on Sunday!!!!Jackass

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