Monday, February 28, 2005

Stuff and other stuff and more stuff

well, I just looked at my wall and it is white... but seriously folks.
okay that takes care of the necsicary weird, random, and completely idiotic part of my post and now I can just ramble on and on and on with no real point for the next few minutes... Ok I was just at the AZcycling web site, and it turns out that I'm tied for 3rd place in the ABRA points in the 4/5 catigory which is cool. I'm not really sure how I went from having like 10 points to 127 points, but its fine by me. Its really annoying to me that I wasn't able to upgrade to 3s yet, since I'm going really good and I think I would be able to not completely suck in some of the threes races right now. whatever. this weekend I want to win the Hungry Dog crit really bad, and hopefuly make mr. Upgrade regret not letting me upgrade since I'll tell all the people that get mad at me for sandbagging that it is his fault that I'm still a four. I also want to go out of the fours with a win, and since I most likely won't win Humboldt, its up to hungry dog. cause I'm upgrading after that no matter what. on wed I have my writing final which is cool since it means that the semester is halfway over. SCHWEET!!!!!!!!!! today in writing my teacher was talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking, mostly about nothing as far as I could tell, I kinda tuned out after the first few minutes of listening to him talk about the grammys and desperate house wives and oprah and other STUPID tv shows. I mean seriously, who talks about tv in a writing class?? especially freaking DESPERATE HOUSE WIVES????????? whatever.
I turned in my first paper and hopefuly I will get a ++ or at the very least a +, since he doesn't do regular grades like "A", "D", "F" ect...
alright, rodeo weekend was cool but going back to school today after having 4 days off really sucked, even more than usual since I felt really tired and out of sorts... all I felt like doing was going home and going to bed and sleeping for a long time, I only got 10 hours last night but I got up at 10 which is what screwed me up. Recently Velo News has been sending me magizines and as far as I know, I didn't ask them to and I don't have a subscription to their mag. whatever, keep the free stuff coming. speaking of stuff, I have been doing alot of stuff lately with my girlfriend which is cool. I had dinner with her family and 2 dogs who seem to forget that I'm there from minute to minute. since they will finaly get used to me and not be barking, and then a few minutes later they will start barking at me for no apparent reason.
ok that is all the random stuff that is free flowing out of my nose at this time... oh, one more thing, I really like sushi. just thought I'd throw that out there. and I like Ashley alot to. and now i am really done for sure (I think...)

Later fools!!!!!!

YOUR CYCLING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

Oh you really like me a lot? Thanks, I like you a lot too! Just thought I would add that to your post for people to read! I will hopefully see you in a few hours! Like there is any reason I won't...besides maybe the world blowing up or And my dogs like you, but since Boobus is sooooooo fat, she has a short term Well see you later!

2:26 PM  

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