Saturday, February 12, 2005

Race tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Mc Dowell Mtn Circuit Race, and I am really looking foward to kicking some butt there. hopefuly I can win, or if not that then I just want to beat the living snot our of the fours. those are my 2 goals for tomorrow, hopefuly I can accheive both of them. Today I fell asleep while doing the reading for my honors class. that shows how interested in plant domestication I am. Well thats all I have for now, tune in tomorrow for a report of how the race went.



Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

Hey there, I can see you right now...Have a good day and DO YOUR HOMEWORK....hehehehehehehehehahahahaha

11:12 AM  
Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

I am not jealous of Miss Virgina!!!! She has nothing on me....I think...Unless she knows Jennifer Aniston...And she is gone now anyway, right?

11:19 AM  

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