Monday, February 28, 2005

Stuff and other stuff and more stuff

well, I just looked at my wall and it is white... but seriously folks.
okay that takes care of the necsicary weird, random, and completely idiotic part of my post and now I can just ramble on and on and on with no real point for the next few minutes... Ok I was just at the AZcycling web site, and it turns out that I'm tied for 3rd place in the ABRA points in the 4/5 catigory which is cool. I'm not really sure how I went from having like 10 points to 127 points, but its fine by me. Its really annoying to me that I wasn't able to upgrade to 3s yet, since I'm going really good and I think I would be able to not completely suck in some of the threes races right now. whatever. this weekend I want to win the Hungry Dog crit really bad, and hopefuly make mr. Upgrade regret not letting me upgrade since I'll tell all the people that get mad at me for sandbagging that it is his fault that I'm still a four. I also want to go out of the fours with a win, and since I most likely won't win Humboldt, its up to hungry dog. cause I'm upgrading after that no matter what. on wed I have my writing final which is cool since it means that the semester is halfway over. SCHWEET!!!!!!!!!! today in writing my teacher was talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking, mostly about nothing as far as I could tell, I kinda tuned out after the first few minutes of listening to him talk about the grammys and desperate house wives and oprah and other STUPID tv shows. I mean seriously, who talks about tv in a writing class?? especially freaking DESPERATE HOUSE WIVES????????? whatever.
I turned in my first paper and hopefuly I will get a ++ or at the very least a +, since he doesn't do regular grades like "A", "D", "F" ect...
alright, rodeo weekend was cool but going back to school today after having 4 days off really sucked, even more than usual since I felt really tired and out of sorts... all I felt like doing was going home and going to bed and sleeping for a long time, I only got 10 hours last night but I got up at 10 which is what screwed me up. Recently Velo News has been sending me magizines and as far as I know, I didn't ask them to and I don't have a subscription to their mag. whatever, keep the free stuff coming. speaking of stuff, I have been doing alot of stuff lately with my girlfriend which is cool. I had dinner with her family and 2 dogs who seem to forget that I'm there from minute to minute. since they will finaly get used to me and not be barking, and then a few minutes later they will start barking at me for no apparent reason.
ok that is all the random stuff that is free flowing out of my nose at this time... oh, one more thing, I really like sushi. just thought I'd throw that out there. and I like Ashley alot to. and now i am really done for sure (I think...)

Later fools!!!!!!

YOUR CYCLING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Upgrade gone sour...

Well after VOS I went to get my threes upgrade, but no, I have to get 4 more points GRRRRRRRRRRR. and thats after Don said to me "your still a 4??" at the VOS TT last weekend. oh well I guess I'll just have to whoop up on the 4s for another race or two. All I need to get is one top three then I'll be able to upgrade. next weekend there is a RR and a crit that I am going to do so I guess I'll get my points there. Whatever.
today I hung out with my girlfriend Ashley most of the day which was cool. we were going to go up to Mt. Lemmon and play in the snow but the road was closed so we could only go up to mile 12 where there wasn't any snow. we still had a good time though, we were on the mountain for two or three hours.

I have to go to bed now so I can get my beauty sleep (and man do I need it)
Cycling God

Monday, February 21, 2005

VOS report

this past weekend was the valley of the sun stage race up in phoenix. in the TT on friday I did a pretty good time (for me) of 28:33 but that only got me into 38th place which kinda sucked cause'I was hoping to do better. oh well. the weather on friday was raining on and off and it was kind of cold so that also sucked. the RR on saturday was pretty fun, although the weather was really shitty, it was raining and wet the whole time. I was at the front all day trying to drive the pace up and break away, which in the fours is impossible because they chase every one no matter what. I was the last person that they gave the pack time to which was cool since I was like 45 seconds back. also the way the course is set up, the start and finish are half a lap appart so to get back to your car, you have to ride another 8 miles to the start which usually isn't so bad. BUT I got a flat just after I finished and Alex had a flat tire also so we had to get a ride in the back of someones pick-up which sucked since we were both soaking wet and it was cold out. once we got back to the car and changed every thing was better. then we dropped all of our stuff at the hotel, we got lunch and then sat around in the hotel room and watched TV and ate junk food for the next 5 hours, which if you ever get the oppourtunity to do that I highly recomend it since it is awsome. dinner was cool, me and alex met up with one of his girlfriends (as in friend that is a girl, not romantic intrest) and ate a brewery which was okay but not great. then we went back to our nasty hotel room (4 guys in a small room for 3 days is pretty gross) and hung out for a few hours then we went to bed. after dinner and before bed I talked to ashley for a while which made it hard to sleep.
the crit was fun but when we got there for alexs' race it was cold and raining and I only flip flops, no closed toed shoes so my feet were very cold. by the time I raced though it was nice and sunny and warmer. my race was really fast and at times scary since some of the guys can't ride their dam bikes and shouldn't be allowed to race in crits. well I made it the finish and managed to finish 5th which i was happy with considering how fast the rest of the race was. Over all I finished 21st out of 60 somthing, and I moved up almost 20 places from the TT which I was happy about.
after 3 days of racing and 2 nights of not getting enough sleep I was exaustd on sunday night and was out as soon as I turned off the light, but I didn't get enough sleep becaues my dog woke me up at 8 and wanted to go out and I couldn't get back to sleep after that so I am still pretty exuasted.

I have to go get ready for school and eat and stuff now.
I appologize if this didn't make any sense but I am extremely tired and not thinking to clearly now so thats why it is probably incoherant right now.


Thursday, February 17, 2005


Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life?????
whatever, tomorrow is the first day of the valley of the sun (vos) stage race. there is a 20km time trial (which is 12 miles for you metricly challenged). then on saturday there is a 41 mile (approx. I'm not sure how far it is exactly) which should be fun. depending on where I'm sitting in the GC, I might just try to rip evey ones legs off working for whom ever is in a good spot, probably that person will be Eric. on sunday there is a crit that is pretty fast and fun, and again depending on where I'm sitting in the over all, i might just keep attacking, and hopefuly no matter what I will win the crit.
tonight I hung out with Ashley and her friend at the mall and applebees which was cool.
I really should go to bed now, but I've had to much iced tea in the last few hours so I will be up for a while.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005


on sunday there was a race and I got second which was cool i nearly got first but I got beat by a really old guy who was like 55 years old I have to go now

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Race tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Mc Dowell Mtn Circuit Race, and I am really looking foward to kicking some butt there. hopefuly I can win, or if not that then I just want to beat the living snot our of the fours. those are my 2 goals for tomorrow, hopefuly I can accheive both of them. Today I fell asleep while doing the reading for my honors class. that shows how interested in plant domestication I am. Well thats all I have for now, tune in tomorrow for a report of how the race went.


Friday, February 11, 2005

riding in the rain

Today it was raining and I went riding in the rain. and riding in the rain is cool. I hope that it doesn't rain on sunday, either way I'm going to beat the ever living S**t out of the 4s. thats all I have for now, I have to go take a stupid math test which cut my ride short.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Stuff and Things

as the title sugests, this post is about the stuff and things that are going down with me rightnow, I will follow with a really long run on sentence that just goes on and on and on, oh right and it will be totally incoherant. Last weekend (sunday to be exact) was Usery Pass RR and I got 3rd!! in the fours which is cool, next sunday is the Mc Dowell Circuit Race and hopefuly I will win that. at least that would make up for having to drive 2.5 hrs to get there just to race for 30mins, I think I am crazy for doing that, the race starts at 8:40 so we have to get there at 7:40 which means we have to leave at 5 am which means that it will still be dark out which means that I will want to go back to bed which means that I will be really tired afterwards which means that I will have to take a nap when I get home which means that I won't have time to do my homework which means that I will fail Pima which means that I will have to become a professional bike racer which means that I will be paid to ride my bike which will be awsome!! so baisicly, because I am going to this race on sunday, I will become a "Failure" that gets paid to ride his bike, I hope thats what happens... Tomorrow I have spanish, I mean espanol, and i have honors which is to freaking early in the morning. last night I watched Super Troopers and it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every one should watch it every night. when I was at writing class today I couldn't concentrate on what the teacher was saying... I was looking at all the maps on the wall and the computer in the corner and the poster of the creepy dude on the door and my note book and other scenery... if you get my drift. super troopers is awsome. Oh, check out the new team web site it is cool. also read the manchilds blog it is cool also. I was reading this news story on about a lady who tatooed her face to look like a tropical fish, the story is about 2/3 of the way down the page Here I think that is cool and that ashley should do that. lately I have been listening to alice in chains alot and they are cool, so is pink floyd, and weezer. weel that does it for my long, pointless rambling, incoherant post, its bed time for me now, cause I havn't been getting enough of my beauty sleep and lord knows i need it.

Later Y'all

Friday, February 04, 2005

Not Sick any more

Well I'm officially not sick any more... I feel fine now

thats all I have for now its bed time


Thursday, February 03, 2005


IM SICK........ and it sucks!!!! I woke up this morning and had a slightly sore throat, and now I'm tired and feel like S**T. I just want to go to bed and sleep for like 12 hours. Thats all I have for now, except for this..
this sunday is the first real race of season, and I'm looking foward to kicking some 4s butt. Im one of the "go to guys" for the race so hopefuly I can take the win.
I'm off to go feel pathetic and sick right now so feel sorry for me okay?