Wednesday, January 19, 2005


School started a week ago today but so far I have only had 4 days of school, instead of the 5 possible (because of MLK day) which is cool. its nice to have a holliday after 2 days of school. so far all of my classes are okay, but my 2 male teachers are kind of weird, my other 2 teachers are pretty cool, I've had both of them before and liked them well enough. the riding has been going good and its looking like I will have a killer season, hopefuly I will be going even better in June and July for Natationals and Abitibi, which are my 2 biggest goals, with my other goals being: Kick ass in all of the other races, or at least until I upgrade to a 3 in march or april, tour of the Gila, State RR, Crit, TT, and HC.

I'm Off to my writing class now (one of the classes with the weird Instructor)
I try to post more often now that I won't have any free time.



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