Thursday, January 20, 2005

New Look

I decided to give my blog a New Look for the New Year, and a new title. Over all I think it is much cooler. I had Honors and Spanish today, I think honors will be kind of interesting, if only the room wouldn't be so freezing cold. today being the fool that I am, I went to school in shorts and a long sleeve shirt. the reason being that on wed it was a very warm day, but of course the day I'm dressed for warm weather it gets cold again. Mostly I was okay, except for my feet which were freezing cold cause' I was wearing flip-flops. Oh well, live and learn I guess.
the racing season is coming up quick and I am stoked for the first races, although as I said in my last post (yesterday) my main goals aren't until later in the season. My form is coming along good for the time of year and my weight is dropping also so that will help with kicking major butt. I've decided not to talk smack about specific races because that usually back fires and I get a crappy finish, whereas when I just see how the race unfolds, I usually do pretty good (top 3 or so).
well I'm off to go do home work or somthing (?) not quite sure what that somthing is yet....



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