Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cool Weekend

This weekend has been cool. I did a cool ride up Mt Lemmon with the Man Child and some other teammates. The Man Child ripped my leges off and I could only hang with him till mile 5. the mtn is open to bikes to mile 12 or so now which is cool, even though I thought it was supposed to be done by december of last year???? Today I went out to Sahurita with the team, which was cool except we were going to go out to marsh station but the wind was so bad it would have totaly sucked riding out there. It seems like on Sunday it is always windy, it was windy last week and it will probably be windy next week. This week and last week I owned every one in the sprint for the city limit sign, no contest Ha Ha Ha Ha! Next week I'm sure it will be the same. I also took a nap today after I got home from riding which was awsome. next week is the first race of the season for me so I'm pretty excited. Its a TT and I'm not sure how long but it should be cool.

I'm not looking foward to school tomorrow, but theres nothing I can do about that except bear it. Tomorrow I have math and writing... yuck, oh well.

I'm going to go eat now cause'all of this writing has made me hungry.



Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

Hey there you sexy man bitch!!! God it is such a TURN ON to look at you on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Honors! We need to have a "no-clothes" dress code...That way you have to sit there TOTALLY naked! lol Just kidding...Gosh I better be careful, I am drooling all over the key pad just thinking about it...And you just get sexier with each passing day... *Smack that ass* Well that is all for now, don't want to share ALL the thoughts I have about HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

11:18 AM  
Blogger Cycling God said...

for the record I don't know you...

11:21 AM  
Blogger xpinkxbutterflyx said...

Oh really, you don't? HAHAHAHA I was kidding with you Jackson...I thought it was pretty Eh, there is bound to be someone out there who thinks that about you. Who, I don't know, but then again it could be anyone....You need to call Sabrina and hang with her...!!!!!!

3:00 PM  

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