Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cool Weekend

This weekend has been cool. I did a cool ride up Mt Lemmon with the Man Child and some other teammates. The Man Child ripped my leges off and I could only hang with him till mile 5. the mtn is open to bikes to mile 12 or so now which is cool, even though I thought it was supposed to be done by december of last year???? Today I went out to Sahurita with the team, which was cool except we were going to go out to marsh station but the wind was so bad it would have totaly sucked riding out there. It seems like on Sunday it is always windy, it was windy last week and it will probably be windy next week. This week and last week I owned every one in the sprint for the city limit sign, no contest Ha Ha Ha Ha! Next week I'm sure it will be the same. I also took a nap today after I got home from riding which was awsome. next week is the first race of the season for me so I'm pretty excited. Its a TT and I'm not sure how long but it should be cool.

I'm not looking foward to school tomorrow, but theres nothing I can do about that except bear it. Tomorrow I have math and writing... yuck, oh well.

I'm going to go eat now cause'all of this writing has made me hungry.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

New Look

I decided to give my blog a New Look for the New Year, and a new title. Over all I think it is much cooler. I had Honors and Spanish today, I think honors will be kind of interesting, if only the room wouldn't be so freezing cold. today being the fool that I am, I went to school in shorts and a long sleeve shirt. the reason being that on wed it was a very warm day, but of course the day I'm dressed for warm weather it gets cold again. Mostly I was okay, except for my feet which were freezing cold cause' I was wearing flip-flops. Oh well, live and learn I guess.
the racing season is coming up quick and I am stoked for the first races, although as I said in my last post (yesterday) my main goals aren't until later in the season. My form is coming along good for the time of year and my weight is dropping also so that will help with kicking major butt. I've decided not to talk smack about specific races because that usually back fires and I get a crappy finish, whereas when I just see how the race unfolds, I usually do pretty good (top 3 or so).
well I'm off to go do home work or somthing (?) not quite sure what that somthing is yet....


Wednesday, January 19, 2005


School started a week ago today but so far I have only had 4 days of school, instead of the 5 possible (because of MLK day) which is cool. its nice to have a holliday after 2 days of school. so far all of my classes are okay, but my 2 male teachers are kind of weird, my other 2 teachers are pretty cool, I've had both of them before and liked them well enough. the riding has been going good and its looking like I will have a killer season, hopefuly I will be going even better in June and July for Natationals and Abitibi, which are my 2 biggest goals, with my other goals being: Kick ass in all of the other races, or at least until I upgrade to a 3 in march or april, tour of the Gila, State RR, Crit, TT, and HC.

I'm Off to my writing class now (one of the classes with the weird Instructor)
I try to post more often now that I won't have any free time.