Saturday, December 18, 2004


today I did the shootout, the first time I've done it in a few months. over all it was fun, although getting there sucked. I had to leave my semi-warm house for the antartic temperatures of the great outdoors at 640 when it was still dark out. on the way there the Manchild (who also did the shootout) got a flat which kinda sucked, but at least my fingers had a chance to warmup. we got there just a few minutes before it was "BIKE TIME" and we rolled out with everyone else.

I lost my train of thought....

Later on in the ride, at the store in shaurita it was really cold and windy and it sucked. once I got home I went to the mall and saw "oceans 12" which was pretty cool, although it interfered with my nap. thats all I can think of for now.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

January 12

I have until January 12 before class starts again. I just finished my last final. for the next 4 weeks all I will have to do is ride my bike and sleep and eat.

I'm thinking about getting a job as a house sitter, so if you know any one who needs one...


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Over and done with

CHEMISTRY IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I think I did good on the final.

thats all for now

Monday, December 06, 2004


This weekend I had my SAT at the UA, which was 3 hours of my life that I could think of better uses for. any way, when I was driving home afterwards it was raining, and no one in tucson can drive their car when it is wet out. I don't know why that is, probably because it never rains in tucson so people aren't used to it.
after my sat I went to the mall with a friend and we say "the Incredibles" and it was very cool, i would reccomend that everyone sees it. I also say "sky captian and the world of tomorrow" which was pretty cool also. I found out that if I get an 80 on my chemistry final then i will get a b in the course which is cool, hopefuly I can pull it off.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

el tour, vacation, and finals

well, its been a really long time since I've written any thing, but i been thinking about posting for a few weeks now.

Since I last posted:
I rode in the tour de tucson (95th place)
went to sedona for a week over thanksgiving
had a bunch of tests.

doing the Tour was pretty fun, I was in the front group until the secong wash crossing where I got seperated. the rest of the ride went okay, the group I was in didn't really form until about Oracle and ina. there were like 20-30 people in the group for the rest of the ride, but only about 8 people were working with any regularity (including me) and the rest of the people were being ass holes and not doing anything except complain about how slow we were going. I think at the finish I past most of the people who didn't work which was nice but it still annoyed me.

Going to Sedona was very cool, we left the day after the tour and were there for a week. did a bunch of hiking and mtn biking and decided that I really need a new mountain bike, I have about 10 picked out so I just need about 3 or 4 grand and I can get one of them. in sedona theres supposed to be all these "vortexes" and stuff so the town is full of psycichs and other fruty people who will read you future or look at your aura (for a charge of course). yes going to sedona was very cool but the fact that I had a chemistry test RIGHT after I got back made it not as cool because I had to study some (not as much as I should have). and I had math HW due on monday so I had to do that which also sucked. Going on vacation is awsome but coming back really sucks. I think next time I go on vacation I'm just going to stay there and not come back (assuming I have my bike of course).

Finals are next week and the week after, and I just had the chemistry lab final today. the Chem lecture final is on the 8 and the math and spanish finals are on the 15 and 13 so just TWO more weeks of school and I'm done for a month !!!!!! that means lots of riding and lots of NOT doing school work. this saturday I have to take the SAT again (yuck) so there goes my saturday of riding 4 hrs and sleeping, I'll probably go to a movie afterwards or somthing. Now I have only 3 test in the next two weeks, 1 for each class, I'm sure I'll do fine on the math final (not comprehensive) but the chemistry and spanish (both comprehensive) will be hard wish me luck. Oh, next semester I have 4 classes and a lab so I will be extremely busy and won't have any free time, Oh joy. my physics class starts at 8 i think Mon and Wed so that will really suck.