Saturday, November 13, 2004

Long time no post

so its been a long time since I have posted because i have been lazy and havent felt like it. I have been riding more this week which is cool, i also enjoyed not having school on veterans day on thursday. I've noticed a bunch of cars have bumper stickers that read "annoy a liberal, work, succeed, be happy" which I don't really get, but I have an idea for a much better sticker. "annoy every one, don't work, succeed, be happy" which I think makes more sense.
there is only a few more weeks until school is over which is very cool, and it is only a week until I go to sedona for a week which I am really looking foward to. the other day I went over to the man childs house and we watched kangaroo jack which is very funny and you should go watch it right now.
I am going to go take a shower now since I just got back from a cool 3 hr ride, the third one in a row.


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