Saturday, October 09, 2004

Random stuff

this morning at the national park I did a search and rescue thing which was fun, now I can track people and I also learned all of the different ways to light toilet paper on fire. I was just reading on some web site, weid news or some such site, about ice cream with names like "Poppy Fun" and "your hemp dose" being outlawed in russa by the drug control officials there. people still haven't come through on raising money for my Cervelo, I'm still 10,000 dollars short. Last night me and my dad went to the UA womens soccer game (we won 3-1) and man there are lots of girls there!!! On wednesday I have my second Chemistry test, and hopefully it will go better than the last one (I got a 66). I think later today I am going to work on my bike because the bottom bracket is making alot of noise and it if very annoying.



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