Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Nice Weather

so now the weather is finaly starting to get nice, it will probably stay like this for a week or so and then either get hot as hell again or be freakin ass cold. It would be nice if it could just stay like this for the next 5 months and we could just bypass the cold weather. I went out for my ride yeaterday and I wore a vest and arm warmers for the whole 2 hours, AND I didn't even leave till 9am! now I can start riding all day on the weekends (leaving at a reasonable hour of course) and not boiling or freezing my ass off. any way, lifes good and so is the riding (thats my point)
in other news, my team mate finished a 508 mile bike race in california( racefat, went up there to crew for him and had fun chasing scorpions off into the night. I also just got my second chemistry test back (thats right, it was the BIG one) and I did pretty dam good (compared to my last one). I got a 81. in a little bit I have another math test, so wish me luck. I will be going to visit my grandparents in Illinois over Halloween weekend (actually I return on Halloween) and it will be cold for real there.



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