Thursday, September 23, 2004


the other day was my first Chem test and I managed to do incredably bad, a 66, which is really bad. on the bright side I got a 95 on my math test which is cool. today is my first spanish test and I think I will do pretty good. I am still taking some time off (till sat) and not riding for so long is making me sleep bad. I am also getting restless from not doing anything even though it has only been since sunday that I haven't riden. I did good at mt. grahm, 1:45 or there about (i'm not sure since the results aren't up yet). I took half an hour off my time last year, I still got second because Chad was there.


p.s. I'm still collecting donations for my new Cervelo, so far people have forgotten since I haven't got an money yet.


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