Sunday, September 12, 2004

State RR

yesterday was the state rr in flagstaff and i won the mens cat 4 race. just kidding about the winning part, but I nearly won. I attacked solo with one lap to go and had about 1 minute on the main feild but then I turned onto lake mary road which is straight and windy and I got caught about 3 miles before the finish and finished really bad. but mine was the only convincing attack of the whole race. there were others that never really got out of sight and were eaisily brought back. also none of the 4s could recconize a winning break when it slapped them in the face seeing as no one went with me, but if someone had then we would have made it to the line where I probably have beat them in a sprint for the line. my team mate crashed badly, or I should say, was crashed badly by some dude coming into his rear wheel hard and sending him flying. so that sucked because he probably won the 1-2s, but instead of a jersey, he got a screwed up forearm and a very painful hip.
now there is just one more race left in the season, mt. grahm. which I can't say I am looking foward to since it is 20 miles up hill and I don't like climbing very much, but I'll try to go under 2 hrs this year.


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