Thursday, September 16, 2004


today I went to the dmv to get my license (finally) and we filled out all of the forms and waited in line to pay and all of that stuff. then I went to go take my road test, or my parking test as they should call it. the dude had me turn on my signals and tap the brakes, then I went over to where they do the 3 point turn test which as you might know if you drive is where you make a three point turn (look it up if you can't figure it out). so any ways, I wasn't able to make the turn with out going foward again or hitting the cone, and I wonder how many of YOU could do that tight of a turn in one SMOOTH motion without pulling foward again. there was probably about 1.5 feet of clearance on either side of the car, so it was about 9-10 feet wide. this make me really mad because it is NOT a road test it was a freaking PARKING LOT TEST which if I was driving somewhere else I would have gotten out of that spot with out trouble. When I saw the Man child at school he was making fun of me for failing the driving test, I then pointed out that he wasn't able to pass the written test and of course he didn't care about that, he then had to go to his bio class. I'm going back to the dmv tomorrow and I am going to get my license damit!!!!!


I want to get a Cervelo Bayonne with full DA and zipp 404 wheels, so I will start collecting donations now. I only need about 9000 more dollars.


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