Monday, September 13, 2004

the dangers of plumbing

yesterday I was helping my dad try to remove our old faucet so we could put the new shiny one in. so I was laying under the sink cranking on a bolt with all the strength I could muster in the cramped quarters, but the bolt wouldn't move. I went to go try it again but I accidentally dropped the wrench and it landed squarely on my forehead, which then proceeded to bleed. latter I managed to scrape my chin on somthing so along with the cut on my forehead I have a cut on my chin. the worst part is that the faucet didn't come out cause we couldn't get the bolt off. thats my pointless story for the day. I'm looking foward to being done with mt. grahm next sunday because then I will take some time off the bike before CCCC in october then some more time off the bike before Tour de Tucson in november.



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