Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wupatki RR

Last Sunday was the Wupatki RR up in Flagstaff, and me and my teammate went up there and KICKED SOME BUTT! I got second in the 4/5s and he got fourth in the Pro/1/2 group. I had some help in the fours race from another teammate which was cool. Thanks teammate! We got up there on friday afternoon so we could chill a little and go for a ride before the hill climb on saturday. as the people who know me can attest to, hills are not my strong point, but I managed to get second in my age group with the juniors (out of 4). looking at my time, I would have gotten fifth I think in the 4s.  thats pretty good considering the crappy breakfast I had, two white english muffins with jam, one doughnut, a cup of OJ, and a cup of coffee. I thought that I'd get to have breakfast a second time about two miles from the top;-]  my time up was about 35 mins and coming down was about 10-12mins.   right now I don't want to ride because I have a BIG-HUGE-EXTREMLY GROSS saddle sore on my butt that makes it hurt to ride, just one more hazard of riding a bike I guess.
In other news, SCHOOLS OUT !!!!!!!!! at least for a few weeks until school starts up again. looking foward to going to the white mountains for a week coming up here shortly.
Dinner calls and I must anwser.


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