Sunday, August 29, 2004

school and stuff

after the first week of school I think I have an idea of how hard my classes are going to be, I will rank them in order of hardest to not quite as hard. 1) Spanish. 2) Chemistry. 3) Math. At least in my chemistry and math classes I speak the same language as the prof. so I can understand them. I also like math and science more than spanish cause it makes more sense to me, and math is the one universal language. wednesday I have class from 1010a to 510p and my book bag weighs about 40lbs, 40lbs for three fricken classes!!!! my chemistry book is about 3inches thick and weighs like 10 lbs, its huge. monday I only have class from 110 to 510 and my bag only weighs about 30 lbs. tues and thurs its just spanish for about two hours. lucily I have friday off so I can still go for long rides in the heat of the day. enough about school. I was out in the pool today and our poodle, Athena, was out there also and she decided to catch a yellow jacket. and she was having a great time until she got stung. the moral of that story is "don't try to eat stinging insects" (that was random). I'm looking foward to the state RR coming up, hopefuly I can win the fours and get a jersey! I'm not so much looking foward to the state hill climb because it is 20 miles of hell. well I guess the first .5 miles aren't that bad but after that I don't like it at all, its just one of thoes races that everyone does. Oh, I'm also going to try to win the Cochise County Cyclning Classic in October and I think I'm going to do the soul ride on halloween. in other news.... the packaging that my graphing calculator came was almost impossible to open, me and Weak Knees were discussing this the other night and he had the same problem. also the instruction manual is like twice as big as the calculator.
I'm tired and I need to go to bed now so I can go riding in the morning before I go cram my head with knowledge.


stupid people shouldn't be allowed to drive, more on that later.


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