Wednesday, July 07, 2004

TTT rules in the TdeF

has anyone else looked at the new TTT rules for the Tour. I was just looking at them, and they make absolutely no sense at all. baisicly, the teams loose time according to the finishing order, second place looses 20 sec, third place looses 30 sec, on in ten sec intervals till like 2:30 back and then it is in five second intervals. BUT if a rider gets dropped even if his team got second and only lost 20 sec, he would loose the actual amount of time that he was back. also, the set time gaps don't apply if the teams finish inside the time gap (second place team is only 10 sec back) except sometimes it doesn't matter what time the teams finish they all get time based on how they place. Whatever. see it makes no sense, they try to explain it on (theres a link on the stage four results). Summer school isn't that bad, except there is a bunch of homework every night and it is four days a week.

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