Saturday, July 17, 2004

snooze button

I think one of the best invention in recent history is the snooze button on alarm clocks, it allows you to keep on sleeping after your alarm has gone off. I had an alarm clock that had a 9 minute snooze, that was really nice unless there was something you had to get up for.  who else agrees with me? although the snooze button is an awesome invention, it is by far not the best. that honor goes to duct tape. with duct tape any thing is possible, you could cover up the buzzer with duct tape and it wouldn't wake you up at all. also duct tape can fix or do most anything, think about it, tired of shaving? just slap some duct tape on your face or legs, and presto, instantly hair free. need to get someone to shut up? again the answer is duct tape.  I don't even know how many times duct tape has helped me finish a job either better or faster.  its also a good way to patch your shoes.
Just some of the random stuff that goes through my head on a daily basis.
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