Saturday, July 17, 2004

snooze button

I think one of the best invention in recent history is the snooze button on alarm clocks, it allows you to keep on sleeping after your alarm has gone off. I had an alarm clock that had a 9 minute snooze, that was really nice unless there was something you had to get up for.  who else agrees with me? although the snooze button is an awesome invention, it is by far not the best. that honor goes to duct tape. with duct tape any thing is possible, you could cover up the buzzer with duct tape and it wouldn't wake you up at all. also duct tape can fix or do most anything, think about it, tired of shaving? just slap some duct tape on your face or legs, and presto, instantly hair free. need to get someone to shut up? again the answer is duct tape.  I don't even know how many times duct tape has helped me finish a job either better or faster.  its also a good way to patch your shoes.
Just some of the random stuff that goes through my head on a daily basis.
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summer school

summer school really sucks, it has just started to get challenging so the homework is taking longer and longer each night. last night I was doing homework till 11pm which seriously cut into my beauty sleep, and everyone knows that I need it.  at least today is the last day of the THIRD week (although I still have to take the test tomorrow). only eight more class days left!!
In other news, lance has (all but) won a sixth tour (unless he crashes and gets screwed up).  I'm going to go get my but kicked in the snowbowl HC in a couple of weeks, and then hopefuly kick some but in the RR the next day. 
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shoot out

this morning I woke up at 4:30 to go do the shootout. I didn't fully wake up until about 6:45 or 7  about 2 miles past valencia. today was really cool because I was able to go all the way around for the first time.  today I did like 95 miles and when I got home I felt like crap, mostly due to the heat.  I think it sucks the tyler dropped out of the tour today, I was placing my bets on him winning, also it looks like jan isn't quite up to the task of kicking lances ass. I just hope somone beats him, or at least gives him a hard time. 
summer school still sucks, but it is almost over, only 12 more class days left.
still trying to decide if I should do lemmon  tomorrow or not.
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Sunday, July 11, 2004

picacho TT

this morning I woke up at 4 am, to go to the third and final picacho TT. I went with the intention of winning the jrs 17-18 field, which I did, some of my team mates also did good. there were a couple of other first places and some second place finishes. also, the day before was the last of the tucson crit series races, I got second in the jr 17-18 field and was able to take the overall points for the series. I also won a jersey in the first sprint prime. all in all it has been a successful two days of racing. after the TT this morning we (a bunch of people from TRR)went out to IHOP for breakfast, I'm suprised we didn't get kicked out! every one kept switching seats and confusing the waitress and acting like high school kids, also the people in the booth behind us were throwing things at us. dam cyclists!! I think I'm going to take the next week off, no, or very little riding and lots of sleeping in (if my math class allows it). summer school still sucks, lots of homework every night, like 50 math problems.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

TTT rules in the TdeF

has anyone else looked at the new TTT rules for the Tour. I was just looking at them, and they make absolutely no sense at all. baisicly, the teams loose time according to the finishing order, second place looses 20 sec, third place looses 30 sec, on in ten sec intervals till like 2:30 back and then it is in five second intervals. BUT if a rider gets dropped even if his team got second and only lost 20 sec, he would loose the actual amount of time that he was back. also, the set time gaps don't apply if the teams finish inside the time gap (second place team is only 10 sec back) except sometimes it doesn't matter what time the teams finish they all get time based on how they place. Whatever. see it makes no sense, they try to explain it on (theres a link on the stage four results). Summer school isn't that bad, except there is a bunch of homework every night and it is four days a week.

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Monday, July 05, 2004

summer school.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my summer in summer school. I really am not looking foward to going back to school tomorrow, it seems like I just got out of school like a month ago. I'm only taking one class, Math 122 which translates in real life to intermediate algebra. I don't think it will be all that hard but it is four days a week from 12 to 2:15. This means I most likely won't be able to go Long up helmet peak Rd. any more. I will also have to ride to class most days. it's not that I don't like riding, just that I don't like riding at 12 with all my books every day. I guess its just more reason to get my drivers license. Whatever.

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Mr. Bike Freak