Friday, June 04, 2004

wet poodles

as I am sitting here writing this my, wet poodle is eating things off of the floor. namly old batteries. it is a generaly known fact that batteries are not good for you to eat for a coupla reasons. 1. they have battery acid in them, and 2. the casing is made of metal. but my dog being a dog, doesn't know this so I have to keep getting up every two minutes to remove a battery from her mouth. I am writing this to tell you how sad my life really is. tomorrow is the second annal saturday night crit which should be fun. unfortunately the juniors are the first group to race, we start at five so it will be friken hot. also the fours, my catagoy, race right after the juniors at five thirty so I will have like ten minutes in between races to cool down and cool off. enough complaining. the swelling in my jaw is subsiding and I can almost eat like a normal person now which is cool. you don't realize how sick of oatmeal, smothies, apple sauce and other simi-liquids you get after not eating any solid food for two days. tomorrow morning I am going to go take my first SAT which will suck, three plus hours of my life that could have been spent riding or being bored or somthing. well nature is calling, better go awnser.

I'm Out!!
Mr. bike freak


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