Wednesday, June 02, 2004

wednesday ride

so this morning I got up way before I wanted to (5:45) just so I could go get beat up all over pima county on my bike for 4hrs. now you might be thinking about the logic behind this. trust me, there isn't any and I would know because after 4 hrs when it is 100+ degrees out and your brain is fried there isn't much else to think about. I am still not quite recovered from having my wisdom teeth removed last friday so todays 80miles were worse than normal, seeing as I was feeling like I wanted to go to sleep for the last 50 of them. it probably didn't help any that all I ate during that time was three cream filled cookies and a coke along with 5 bottles of lukewarm to hot water. to top it all of I got the one finger salute at least two times, once by a ass-hole driver because I was riding my bike on his road. the second time it was a fellow cyclist and I have no clue why. Whatever. oh, and then theres clerk at the road runner market who, for some reason seems to dislike cyclist so he always (in my opinion) acts like a jerk. time to go study for my SAT, Oh Boy!!!! (not)

Mr. Bike Freak


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