Thursday, June 03, 2004


this coming saturday I will be taking my first sat, which as you may know is a big test that is important to getting into colleges. I have no idea what it is an acronym for but I figure that since it is a three hour test if I do well this time then I won't have to take it again. anyway the stuff I have to study is very boring, It is a 400 plus page book filled with all sorts of things that are suposed to make me do well on the test. this would be great except it is about as much fun to read as getting your wisdom teeth out, which I know from recent (last friday) personal expereance is absolutly no fun. except maybe getting to drink only milk shakes for the first day or so. now I forgot my train of thought about the SAT...oh yeah, it sucks!! The only good thing about this saturday will be the crit at night, but even that will kinda suck since I race at 5pm so it will be hot as all hell out there. hopefully I can woop up on the jr field and win (or at least make them hurt Alot!) one last thing, this morning I had a vanilla bean frapachino thing at five bucks. its a friken milk shake!! so don't get it thinking it will be some cool new coffee flavor.

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you don't have to study for the SAT it is a logic test, you can't study for the SAT. And yeah the 3 hour test does suck, do well this time so you don't have to do it again. PS I got a 1220 first time no studying and I'm never taking it again

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