Sunday, June 06, 2004

on skin suits and crits and other stuff

I'm going to start off on somthing completely un-releated to my title so deal with it. yesterday morning, I got up at 6:30, took a shower got dressed, ate breakfast, and then I went to go take my SAT. honestly it was eaiser than I thought it would be, there were only a few questions that I had no idea about. there were also lots of good looking lady folk around which helped to ease the suffering of a three hour test. the things that really annoyed me were, there was only 6 minutes of break, one five minute bathroom break, and a one minute "stand up and strech but don't say anything or go anywhere" break. also the air conditioning was up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to high. it takes alot to make me cold, I'm the guy who is wearing shorts and a T-shirt when it is 35 degrees out. anyway, I was wearing JEANS and my legs were cold!! thats when you know the AC is on to high. I guess that could have been due to the fact that my wallet severly restricts blood flow to my @$$ and most likely my legs. there was also this guy sitting behind me who kept sniffing; SNIFF......SNIFF......SNIFF BLOW YOUR FRIKEN NOSE DANG IT!!! it is seriously hard to coucentrate under those condititions.
now, I've noticed a trend among cyclist at crits, alot of people are wearing skin suits. I didn't notice it so much last night at the DT sat night crit, but at the last casas crit there were alot of people wearing skin suits, which baffels me. I mean its not like the improved areo dynamics are going to make you any faster in a group setting. the only thing I can figure is that... well I can't figure any thing. thats just my observation. last night was the second annual Down Town Saturday Night Crit, which is a crit that happens down town on a saturday night once a year. this is the first year that I have done it, but it is my new favorate crit (I like it even better than the casas crits, and those rock pretty hard). the only complaint I had was that the juniors raced right before the 4s, which meant that I was totally spent for the 4s race. I got second in the juniors crit by about an inch, thats the second time I've been beat out at the line by some one who doesn't look like they can sprint, whats up with that?!?!

I'm Out!!
Mr. Bike Freak


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the skin suit is only used in a crit cause you only will get to use it in a time trial so you better use it some were and also it looks faster than a loose jersy, jake.

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