Tuesday, June 29, 2004

not enough sleep and to much caffine and sugar

last night I stayed at my friends house. this morning we were both dead tired but instead of sleeping more, we got up and made a coffe/choclate milk shake to go with our over sweetened coffee. now if I don't eat some real food (a.k.a. food with out sugar and caffine in it) in the morning after not getting enough sleep, then I start feeling shaky and jittery. this was the case this morning. I guess we were lucky that we didn't hurt ourselves while we were shooting bolts and nails at an old CD drive. we were never able to get any thing to go through the metal backing, and scorching it with a spray paint flame thrower didn't do much either. on sunday morning as I was trying to leave for my ride up Mt. lemmon, I went to put my HRM/bike computer on my handle bars and the F#@%#@G buckle flew off. so I'm running around in the garage in my socks at 5:50 trying to fix the dam thing. now I have to send my practicly new polar HRM back to the factory in NY to have the F&%#*! strap repaired. on my ride I did find a pair of Oakleys on the side of the road, so if you lost a pair at MP 9 on Mt. lemmon then sucks to be you!! another thing that sucks is at the bike camp I lost like two pounds which is cool, but then at the engieneering camp I gained like three pounds from eating so much and not doing anything. I'm still going to win that Crit on july 10!

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