Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Jr. ranger camp Days 2 and 3

Day 2 of junior ranger camp.
today was animal day where we learned all about animals and stuff (since I have helped out with this program to many times, I know whats going to happen when and I don't learn any thing any more).In the morning we went hiking, have you ever been hiking with four six year old boys who want to count cicadas? it is very painful. after the hike, it was snack time but still no gold fish which made me sad. the live animals are always intresting (for the most part) there was two or three snakes, a milipeede, a toad and some other stuff. once I got home I was about to faint from starvation on account of I hadn't eaten any thing for 5+ hours. gotta bring snack tomorrow.

Day 3 of junior ranger camp.
thank god it's the last day, getting up at 6 every morning is starting to wear on me. today was plant day, where we learned abot plants and stuff. at snack time there STILL wasn't any gold fish, I'm seriously dissipoited about that. I had to leave before the refreshmeints were served for graduation so I didn't have any cookies which sucked. any way, its over now.

one last thing, on friday, I'm going up to prescott for the weekend with the manchild to stay with a team mate. after that we (my self, funkmasta B, and the manchild) are going to the regional U-23/Jrs camp which will be cool since I will get away from my siblings and parents.

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Yeah camp is going to be awesome.
Funkmasta B

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