Thursday, June 03, 2004

it screwed my post!!!!

ok, so earlier I wrote this long post about the SAT and stuff and it was really funny and cool and origional. well I made the stuff up about funny and origional but it was still a post. anyway after I finished writing it I went to post it but it wouldn't so I hit the back button and low and behold, it was gone!! that really pissed me off, but I'm back now and I will try to recreate it. actually I don't feel like it so I'll write about whatever I can think of. just recently I went to see "the day after tomorrow" (i think that is what it was called)and it had alot of cool specal effects. like huge tornados tearing through downtown LA, and a 100 foot tidal wave hitting New York and drowning thousands of people. the story line was really weak. it went from the weather being completely normal one day, to the next having a major climate change. all this was brought about by the temperature in some current in the north atlantic getting 13 degrees colder all of a sudden. well at least I didn't go see the movie for the story line. the main characters get trapped in a NY public library, where in order to stay alive they have to burn books to keep warm. every thing would have been ok except for the one girl getting kdhfdkgh dhjfdfhhdfdkfj jfkdkhfhgkgfhgfin vd. did you think I would tell you? any way the hero of the story decides he has to go outside to get the necicary stuff to help his girlfriend. the only problem is that he faces a very large chance of being frozen on the spot by this giant storm, also, 2 other guys decide that they have to be heros as well. so they all go out side and. just go see the movie if you want to find out what really happens. I'm tired of typing.
one more thing, the vanilla bean frapachino thing at five bucks isn't some cool new coffee flavor it is a frikken milk shake!!

I'm Out!
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