Thursday, June 24, 2004

engineering camp

tonight is the last night of the SEA (summer engineering academy) and although I have had fun, I will be glad to get home. I have been home for 1 1/2 days in the last 2 plus weeks. that translates to alot of missed sleep. the last two nights, my roommate, a certian Lance from south dakota, has been talking on the phone till 1:00am or later to a girl in the camp (a certian Lilly from ?). it is very hard to sleep in a doorm room when your roommate is talking and one of the big flouresent lights is on on the other side of the room. Lillys roommate was also kept awake so we are just going to disconect the phone tonight. I'm probably getting fat from eating so much and not doing anything, oh well, I have most of the month of july to get back to peak performance for the fall races. I'm hoping that I can win the over all classification for the tucson crits in the Jr. 17-18 feild. My nearest competetor only has four more points than me so if I win and he gets third than we will be tied, or if I get second and he doesn't place (yeah right) than I will win by two points. July tenth will decide who wins. If you read this Matt, good luck!!

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