Sunday, June 20, 2004

back home

bike camp is finaly over (not that i didn't have fun) so I've had the last two days at home to chill out. later this afternoon I will leave to go to a camp at the UofA for another week. this camp doesn't involve any exercise more strenuos than walking to the student union and back. most of the day will be spent sitting at computers designing stuff. it should be fun to not do anything for a week (relatively speaking). I'll update my blog more times this week than I did last week. at bike camp i learned that i don't like hill repeats, or TT altough I need to get better at them so next year I can race at l'Abitibi in canada, or if nothing else go to the national camp and race at superweek. I have to go pack so I can leave again for another week

I'm Out
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