Tuesday, June 29, 2004

not enough sleep and to much caffine and sugar

last night I stayed at my friends house. this morning we were both dead tired but instead of sleeping more, we got up and made a coffe/choclate milk shake to go with our over sweetened coffee. now if I don't eat some real food (a.k.a. food with out sugar and caffine in it) in the morning after not getting enough sleep, then I start feeling shaky and jittery. this was the case this morning. I guess we were lucky that we didn't hurt ourselves while we were shooting bolts and nails at an old CD drive. we were never able to get any thing to go through the metal backing, and scorching it with a spray paint flame thrower didn't do much either. on sunday morning as I was trying to leave for my ride up Mt. lemmon, I went to put my HRM/bike computer on my handle bars and the F#@%#@G buckle flew off. so I'm running around in the garage in my socks at 5:50 trying to fix the dam thing. now I have to send my practicly new polar HRM back to the factory in NY to have the F&%#*! strap repaired. on my ride I did find a pair of Oakleys on the side of the road, so if you lost a pair at MP 9 on Mt. lemmon then sucks to be you!! another thing that sucks is at the bike camp I lost like two pounds which is cool, but then at the engieneering camp I gained like three pounds from eating so much and not doing anything. I'm still going to win that Crit on july 10!

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

engineering camp

tonight is the last night of the SEA (summer engineering academy) and although I have had fun, I will be glad to get home. I have been home for 1 1/2 days in the last 2 plus weeks. that translates to alot of missed sleep. the last two nights, my roommate, a certian Lance from south dakota, has been talking on the phone till 1:00am or later to a girl in the camp (a certian Lilly from ?). it is very hard to sleep in a doorm room when your roommate is talking and one of the big flouresent lights is on on the other side of the room. Lillys roommate was also kept awake so we are just going to disconect the phone tonight. I'm probably getting fat from eating so much and not doing anything, oh well, I have most of the month of july to get back to peak performance for the fall races. I'm hoping that I can win the over all classification for the tucson crits in the Jr. 17-18 feild. My nearest competetor only has four more points than me so if I win and he gets third than we will be tied, or if I get second and he doesn't place (yeah right) than I will win by two points. July tenth will decide who wins. If you read this Matt, good luck!!

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Mr. Bike Freak

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

U of A engeineering camp

this week I am at the U of A summer engeineering acadimy (SEA). so far it has been fun, mostly sitting in th computer lab desiging cars with the solid work program. even not knowing what I am doing I can still make some cool stuff. today after me and my lab partner finished our car, we built a fridge with a tv on top (a case of to much time on our hands). it was sweet. I'll see if I can post it here. not sure what we are doing tomorrow, more computer stuff and maybe a lecture. the dorm beds are nice and lumpy, my roommate is cool. he's from south dakota. not much else to report except the food is much better than at NAU, although it isn't all you can eat and we only get 17 dollars a day.

I'm Out!!
Mr. Bike Freak

Sunday, June 20, 2004

back home

bike camp is finaly over (not that i didn't have fun) so I've had the last two days at home to chill out. later this afternoon I will leave to go to a camp at the UofA for another week. this camp doesn't involve any exercise more strenuos than walking to the student union and back. most of the day will be spent sitting at computers designing stuff. it should be fun to not do anything for a week (relatively speaking). I'll update my blog more times this week than I did last week. at bike camp i learned that i don't like hill repeats, or TT altough I need to get better at them so next year I can race at l'Abitibi in canada, or if nothing else go to the national camp and race at superweek. I have to go pack so I can leave again for another week

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Thursday, June 17, 2004


today is the fourth day of the USCF regional camp. so far it has been fun. on monday we just went on a two hour easy ride. on tuesday in the morning there was hill repeats (oh boy!!), three repeats up a .6 mile hill that was freaking steep.yesterday we did 5k TT repeats which weren't as bad as the hill repeats. although my first start got screwed up and I had to restart. today is the 20k TT which is going to hurt. I'm hoping to do a sub-28 minute ride, but we'll see how that goes. the food is pretty bad, still eddible but just barely.

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Mr. bike freak

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Mingus Mountain

today me and the Manchild rode our bikes from presott valley, over mingus mountain to a little town called jerome where we had lunch. round trip it was about 40 miles but it took us 3 hours (because of me). the climb was really pretty and not that long, I think it was about six miles up from prescott to the top and about eight or so miles down to jerome. It was an awsome ride, perfect weather (although the way back was windy) and I had a great time. I'm looking foward to riding tomorrow. time to go watch movies and veg out.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Jr. ranger camp Days 2 and 3

Day 2 of junior ranger camp.
today was animal day where we learned all about animals and stuff (since I have helped out with this program to many times, I know whats going to happen when and I don't learn any thing any more).In the morning we went hiking, have you ever been hiking with four six year old boys who want to count cicadas? it is very painful. after the hike, it was snack time but still no gold fish which made me sad. the live animals are always intresting (for the most part) there was two or three snakes, a milipeede, a toad and some other stuff. once I got home I was about to faint from starvation on account of I hadn't eaten any thing for 5+ hours. gotta bring snack tomorrow.

Day 3 of junior ranger camp.
thank god it's the last day, getting up at 6 every morning is starting to wear on me. today was plant day, where we learned abot plants and stuff. at snack time there STILL wasn't any gold fish, I'm seriously dissipoited about that. I had to leave before the refreshmeints were served for graduation so I didn't have any cookies which sucked. any way, its over now.

one last thing, on friday, I'm going up to prescott for the weekend with the manchild to stay with a team mate. after that we (my self, funkmasta B, and the manchild) are going to the regional U-23/Jrs camp which will be cool since I will get away from my siblings and parents.

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Monday, June 07, 2004

Jr. ranger day camp: Day 1

today was the first of three days voulenteering at the national park. It is the first session of junior ranger day camps. the first two sessions are little kids (6-10 I think) and the second two sessions are older kids. having helped out with both groups, I don't know which group is worse. today wasn't that bad, since all the kids didn't know each other or the rangers yet, they were kind of subdued. tomorrow on the hike it will be a totaly different story. the other thing about today is at snack time, there weren't any snacks!! only lemmonade, which in itself isn't bad but when you want gold fish and lemmonade... it was disipointing to say the least, but I havent lost hope... yet
I'll keep you posted on this issue (camp and gold fish).
since I couldn't ride this morning, being the smart person that I am, I decided to go for a ride this afternoon when it was 100 degrees out. actually it didn't feel all that hot. after I got back my teammate, The Man Child, called to see if I wanted to meet up with a group that starts across town at the UofA at 6am. I thought this strange since The Man Child doesn't like to miss his beauty sleep (man does he need it!!). it takes 45 minutes to get to the UofA from our meeting point, so if you do the math, that means leaving at 5:15, which means you have to get up at 4:30 or before. in my mind that makes riding your bike seem completely nuts, like somthing only stupid crazy people do. I guess that pretty much sums up me and my cycling friends (the man child, funk masta B, and the like). anyway tune in tomorrow to see how Day 2 of Jr. ranger camp goes.

I'm Out!!
Mr. bike freak

Sunday, June 06, 2004

on skin suits and crits and other stuff

I'm going to start off on somthing completely un-releated to my title so deal with it. yesterday morning, I got up at 6:30, took a shower got dressed, ate breakfast, and then I went to go take my SAT. honestly it was eaiser than I thought it would be, there were only a few questions that I had no idea about. there were also lots of good looking lady folk around which helped to ease the suffering of a three hour test. the things that really annoyed me were, there was only 6 minutes of break, one five minute bathroom break, and a one minute "stand up and strech but don't say anything or go anywhere" break. also the air conditioning was up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to high. it takes alot to make me cold, I'm the guy who is wearing shorts and a T-shirt when it is 35 degrees out. anyway, I was wearing JEANS and my legs were cold!! thats when you know the AC is on to high. I guess that could have been due to the fact that my wallet severly restricts blood flow to my @$$ and most likely my legs. there was also this guy sitting behind me who kept sniffing; SNIFF......SNIFF......SNIFF BLOW YOUR FRIKEN NOSE DANG IT!!! it is seriously hard to coucentrate under those condititions.
now, I've noticed a trend among cyclist at crits, alot of people are wearing skin suits. I didn't notice it so much last night at the DT sat night crit, but at the last casas crit there were alot of people wearing skin suits, which baffels me. I mean its not like the improved areo dynamics are going to make you any faster in a group setting. the only thing I can figure is that... well I can't figure any thing. thats just my observation. last night was the second annual Down Town Saturday Night Crit, which is a crit that happens down town on a saturday night once a year. this is the first year that I have done it, but it is my new favorate crit (I like it even better than the casas crits, and those rock pretty hard). the only complaint I had was that the juniors raced right before the 4s, which meant that I was totally spent for the 4s race. I got second in the juniors crit by about an inch, thats the second time I've been beat out at the line by some one who doesn't look like they can sprint, whats up with that?!?!

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Mr. Bike Freak

Friday, June 04, 2004

wet poodles

as I am sitting here writing this my, wet poodle is eating things off of the floor. namly old batteries. it is a generaly known fact that batteries are not good for you to eat for a coupla reasons. 1. they have battery acid in them, and 2. the casing is made of metal. but my dog being a dog, doesn't know this so I have to keep getting up every two minutes to remove a battery from her mouth. I am writing this to tell you how sad my life really is. tomorrow is the second annal saturday night crit which should be fun. unfortunately the juniors are the first group to race, we start at five so it will be friken hot. also the fours, my catagoy, race right after the juniors at five thirty so I will have like ten minutes in between races to cool down and cool off. enough complaining. the swelling in my jaw is subsiding and I can almost eat like a normal person now which is cool. you don't realize how sick of oatmeal, smothies, apple sauce and other simi-liquids you get after not eating any solid food for two days. tomorrow morning I am going to go take my first SAT which will suck, three plus hours of my life that could have been spent riding or being bored or somthing. well nature is calling, better go awnser.

I'm Out!!
Mr. bike freak

Thursday, June 03, 2004

computer trouble

I guess my earilier post titled SAT and dam it!!were posted even though i thought they weren't. SAT was posted like five times. its not my day.

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Mr. bike freak

it screwed my post!!!!

ok, so earlier I wrote this long post about the SAT and stuff and it was really funny and cool and origional. well I made the stuff up about funny and origional but it was still a post. anyway after I finished writing it I went to post it but it wouldn't so I hit the back button and low and behold, it was gone!! that really pissed me off, but I'm back now and I will try to recreate it. actually I don't feel like it so I'll write about whatever I can think of. just recently I went to see "the day after tomorrow" (i think that is what it was called)and it had alot of cool specal effects. like huge tornados tearing through downtown LA, and a 100 foot tidal wave hitting New York and drowning thousands of people. the story line was really weak. it went from the weather being completely normal one day, to the next having a major climate change. all this was brought about by the temperature in some current in the north atlantic getting 13 degrees colder all of a sudden. well at least I didn't go see the movie for the story line. the main characters get trapped in a NY public library, where in order to stay alive they have to burn books to keep warm. every thing would have been ok except for the one girl getting kdhfdkgh dhjfdfhhdfdkfj jfkdkhfhgkgfhgfin vd. did you think I would tell you? any way the hero of the story decides he has to go outside to get the necicary stuff to help his girlfriend. the only problem is that he faces a very large chance of being frozen on the spot by this giant storm, also, 2 other guys decide that they have to be heros as well. so they all go out side and. just go see the movie if you want to find out what really happens. I'm tired of typing.
one more thing, the vanilla bean frapachino thing at five bucks isn't some cool new coffee flavor it is a frikken milk shake!!

I'm Out!
Mr. Bike freak

dam it!!

I just wrote a whole long post and it just dissipeared
WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this coming saturday I will be taking my first sat, which as you may know is a big test that is important to getting into colleges. I have no idea what it is an acronym for but I figure that since it is a three hour test if I do well this time then I won't have to take it again. anyway the stuff I have to study is very boring, It is a 400 plus page book filled with all sorts of things that are suposed to make me do well on the test. this would be great except it is about as much fun to read as getting your wisdom teeth out, which I know from recent (last friday) personal expereance is absolutly no fun. except maybe getting to drink only milk shakes for the first day or so. now I forgot my train of thought about the SAT...oh yeah, it sucks!! The only good thing about this saturday will be the crit at night, but even that will kinda suck since I race at 5pm so it will be hot as all hell out there. hopefully I can woop up on the jr field and win (or at least make them hurt Alot!) one last thing, this morning I had a vanilla bean frapachino thing at five bucks. its a friken milk shake!! so don't get it thinking it will be some cool new coffee flavor.

Mr. bike freak

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

wednesday ride

so this morning I got up way before I wanted to (5:45) just so I could go get beat up all over pima county on my bike for 4hrs. now you might be thinking about the logic behind this. trust me, there isn't any and I would know because after 4 hrs when it is 100+ degrees out and your brain is fried there isn't much else to think about. I am still not quite recovered from having my wisdom teeth removed last friday so todays 80miles were worse than normal, seeing as I was feeling like I wanted to go to sleep for the last 50 of them. it probably didn't help any that all I ate during that time was three cream filled cookies and a coke along with 5 bottles of lukewarm to hot water. to top it all of I got the one finger salute at least two times, once by a ass-hole driver because I was riding my bike on his road. the second time it was a fellow cyclist and I have no clue why. Whatever. oh, and then theres clerk at the road runner market who, for some reason seems to dislike cyclist so he always (in my opinion) acts like a jerk. time to go study for my SAT, Oh Boy!!!! (not)

Mr. Bike Freak